D8125 HS Clearcoat

Product Description

The product brings a new and unprecedented level of productivity and performance in the HS Clearcoat segment, providing customers with a very versatile and easy to use premium clearcoat.
It is designed for use over PPG ENVIROBASE® High Performance and DELTRON® basecoats.

  • Suitable for all types of repair, it is easy to apply either in conventional 2 coat mode or a rapid 1 visit application.
  • Fast 15 min drying cycle, being hard from the oven, yet easy to polish if needed.
  • The versatility in baking modes of this new Premium HS Clearcoat, gives an economy bake at 40° as well as the usual baking at 60°.
  • Great final appearance with excellent vertical stability. Little risk of sinkage or dieback.
  • Full set of hardeners and thinners in order to suit a wide range of temperature conditions.
  • The water-white D8125 ensures consistently good results across a wide range of application methods and equipment

Product Code: D8125

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