D800 Clear

Product Description

D800 is an easy to use, general purpose, high performance two-pack acrylic clearcoat designed for repair and repainting.

Used with a range of hardeners and thinners it offers great performance and productivity across all temperature ranges. It is designed to be used over Deltron GRS Basecoat.

Product Code: D800


Features & Benefits

  • Easy to apply
  • Fast drying
  • Superb appearance
  • Excellent flow


 Application Process

Mixing by volume 

Standard System






2 vol


1 vol


MS System


MS Hardener




3 vol

1 vol


Porlife at 20ºC

Standard System

MS System


6 - 8 hours

6 hours

Spray viscosity at 20ºC

Standard System

MS System


15 seconds DIN4

17 - 18 seconds DIN4

 Spraygun size 

1.4 - 1.8 mm.



Number of Coats     

With NS Hardener

With MS Hardener


1 light coat, followed by 2 full coats

1 medium coat followed by 1 full coat

Drying times

Through dry at 20°C

Through dry at 60°C


20 hours

30 minutes

For additional information, consult technical data sheet RLD160.


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