In the paint and coatings business, leaders are identified by their expertise in color technology and color matching.

As the global leader in automotive coatings, PPG delivers real measurable benefit for its bodyshop customers. PPG plays an integral role in the development of future colors for Motor Manufacturers and has intimate knowledge of colors currently in Motor Manufacturer production.

PPG color experts research and analyse color trends around the globe, then translate their results into automotive paint colors. In this way, PPG serves its  customers by developing the most accurate color technology, which responds to upcoming color trends.

Our knowledge of colors in Motor Manufacturer production and our constant benchmark comparisons allow us to identify variants before others do. With this real-time insight we ensure that these variants are available to our bodyshop customers as early as possible.

Maximising the synergies of its Automotive and Refinish businesses enables PPG to keep its color range up to date, ensuring that PPG customers can match any vehicles that enters their bodyshop.