D8122 CeramiClear

Product Description

D8122 Ceramiclear is a premium scratch resistant clearcoat. 

Through the use of patented nanoparticle-technology, D8122 Ceramiclear has been optimised to achieve a balance of ease of use and scratch resistance without compromising on fade out and polishing characteristics.

Product Code: D8122

The D8122 Ceramic clearcoat is characterized by a silicon-containing flexible polymer that brings the silica to the surface and delivers a tough tightly crosslinked surface layer without causing the coating to become brittle.

The nanoparticle technology is used in the PPG CeramiClear to achieve a previously unattained level of scratch, mark, and etch resistance. This patented technology creates a hard silica-like surface that provides superior resistance to damage caused by day-to-day use, car washes, and environmental hazards such as acid rain and tree sap. The product is also designed to re-flow at temperatures above 60 degrees.

For this reason, Premium vehicle manufacturers, expressed interest and agreed to work with a product that would protect the paint color and finish on its high-end vehicles.

For all above mentioned, valid motives bodyshops must be aware of the slightly longer polishing times and take care when doing it, the product re-flows at temperatures of above 60 degrees, overheating with this clearcoat especially will reduce polishing effectives. 

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