Acid attack




Irregular patches of roughened, discoloured, partly stripped or disintegrating surface, possibly with crazing or cracking in the affected area. Traces of the attacking substance may be present.


Chemical corrosion of the paint film. This is often due to:

  1. Accidental spillage of corrosive substances such as brake fluid, peroxide, or battery acid.
  2. Acid rain standing on the surface.
  3. Use of detergents on new surfaces.



  1. Maintain good housekeeping practices, and protect surfaces when working on vehicles.
  2. Protect vehicle during outside storage.
  3. Avoid using detergents on newly painted surfaces.
  4. Ensure the paint film is fully cured.



Light damage may be remedied by flatting, compounding and polishing. In the event of a more severe attack, remove the paint down to a sound surface, ensure that all traces of contaminants are removed, and repaint.



Other Defects: