PPG Refinish Polska supports the best

PPG Refinish Polska is a partner and sponsor for another year in continuous effort of the student racing team PWR Racing Team, representing Wrocław University of Technology in the international, prestigious competition - Formula Student – it is an international series of competitions for university engineering teams organized annually by the Society of Automotive Engineers operating since 1905. Students from the best universities from all over the world spend a year designing, constructing and building a race car, and after the testing phase they race on the most famous race tracks in the world.

During the competition, the largest corporations in the automotive industry exhibit, whose representatives are the judges who evaluate the cars and teams during the various competitions. Formula Student is a stimulus for the development of engineers in the automotive field, as well as a foreground for the recruitment of the best students by headhunters from companies such as: Ferrari, Porsche, Bentley, Audi, Opel, Mercedes or Jaguar.

In the beginning of April the representatives of PPG Refinish Polska had an opportunity receive thanks for the last year's cooperation and learn about the plans for this year's season.

Last year, after a pandemic break, the student team competed in a full series of events. The RT11 car had a sensational 2020/2021 season. During the five eliminations, the good preparation of the car combined with the knowledge of the young engineers and the skills of the drivers resulted in great results in individual competitions and general classifications. The team stood on the podium of the competition 8 times, including 3rd place in the general classification of Formula Student Czech Republic and on the highest step of the podium in Skid Pad at Formula Student Netherlands.

In January, the world ranking of all teams competing in Formula Student was updated. In the overall Combustion Class ranking, the student team is ranked 30th out of 612 classified teams, and 1st among Polish teams. This ranking includes not only current successes, but also those from previous seasons. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak and the withdrawal of some teams in the previous year, 135 teams participated in competitions held around the world. Because of this, the team was ranked 11th on the roster for the 2021 season.

We are proud that with our support we can contribute to the development and education of the best engineers in the automotive industry, which will lead to even better development of the entire industry in the future.