Imperiale Racing and PPG together again in the Lamborghini Super Trofeo and in the CIGT

PPG is pleased to announce the confirmation of the partnership with the Imperiale Racing team, which has been renewed since 2014.

For the two-year period 2022-2023 PPG will be sponsor and partner of the Mirandola team in the competitions linked to the Lamborghini Super Trofeo Europe and the Italian Gran Turismo Endurance and Sprint Championships.

And what better occasion to renew this partnership than a successful weekend on the Imola circuit? On the occasion of the first round of the Super Trofeo, in fact, the Imperiale Racing team took home a victory and a second place in the LB Cup with Hans Fabri (NL) and two absolute podiums touched by the rookie Manuel Bejarano (ESP): an excellent debut of Imperiale Racing, back in the prestigious single-make with the new Lamborghini Huracàn Super Trofeo Evo 2.

Luca Del Grosso, Team Manager, says he is satisfied with the excellent weekend : “There are many new things in this championship, obviously starting with the car, and with great sincerity I recognize that we still have room for improvement. Having the simulator by SIM Maranello here on the track was an important added value, the drivers traveled many kilometers to refine their knowledge of the track and I believe that this too, along with many other small details, made the difference".

For the 2022 Italian Gran Turismo Endurance Championship, to share the cockpit of the performing Huracàn GT3 Evo, the Mirandola team relies on a completely new and very young team, made up of the young Guatemalan Mateo Llarena, the Mexican Raúl Guzmán Marchina and the Dutch Daan Pijl.

“Although very young,” continues Del Grosso “all of them have already amply demonstrated their worth on the pitch. Daan and Raul will make their debut in a GT3 car, but I am sure that their learning process will be immediate, supported by the great determination of the whole team and by the experience of Mateo, who had a wonderful season with us last year. . I'm sure we will be able to get some great satisfactions".

The Imperiale Racing team presents itself this year with a renewed and very captivating livery: The design that dresses the bodies of the Lamborghini Huracàn completely breaks the patterns of the past years and presents a new graphic design that will cover the whole brand identity of Imperiale Racing during the upcoming season. The concept expresses dynamism and performance: an arrow line that combines gray, green and a new touch of blue divides the graphics between the front and rear of the car. At the front, a brand new light gray makes its debut that goes well with the aggressive pearl black of the rear, capable of enhancing the lines and edges of the aerodynamics.