PPG Asian Paints and Mahindra & Mahindra Limited (M&M) team members at “Tech Know Day” in Mumbai, India.

Mahindra & Mahindra Limited (M&M) is “in the know” about the latest automotive coatings products and technologies, thanks PPG Asian Paints sharing its expertise with its strategic partner at M&M’s “Tech Know Day.” The event took place at M&M’s manufacturing plant in Mumbai, India.

 “This was a good opportunity to showcase our complete product range and our strong technology innovation,” said B.K. Raman, executive director, automotive original equipment manufacturer (OEM). “It enhanced our interaction with Mahindra’s technical and production-plant teams, as well.”

The symposium was arranged by M&M, bringing together all stakeholders in its automotive division to facilitate learning and idea exchange in service of better product development.

The event was attended by representatives from M&M’s paint shop and its design, process, quality assurance, R&D, component development and material management (CDMM) and central material engineering (CME) teams.

The PPG Asian Paints team presented information about topics related to aesthetics, performance and sustainability, including:

  • Global color trends
  • Matt clearcoat and next-generation clearcoat for sheet metal
  • 3C1B (3-coat 1-bake) and 3C2B (3-coat 2-bake) high-solid Technologies
  • Fluidic paint technology
  • Paint-service industry challenges and growth in India

Key speakers were K.S. Samuel, head of technology; Amar Kalokhe, senior manager, technology, Mahindra India; K.J. Lee, paint and process, manager, Korea; and Pranay Sharma, head, Mahindra account.

The company also displayed several color panels related to recent color trends and fluidic color.

PPG Asian Paints supplies coatings to M&M’s three Indian plants – Pune, Mumbai and Nashik – and supports its tier-one vendors for ancillary parts in plastics paint.

This is the first time that M&M hosted a program of this type with PPG Asian Paints. nts.