Increase your bodyshops throughput with DP4000 GREYMATIC PRIMERS and D8740 PRIMER PLASTIC ADDITIVE


Available in three greymatic shades, DP4000 offers excellent wet on wet properties and performs well over a wide range of substrates including sensitive substrates and plastics. This new primer solution offers markets an opportunity to win new sales and provides a door opener to competitive accounts.

 This system helps reduce process times, helping to increase workshop efficiency and ultimately improve the profitability of the Bodyshop. 

Please find their features and benefits:



No need to sand the electrocoat substrate on new panels

Helping to increase workshop efficiency and maintains corrosion protection of e-coat.

Excellent final appearance also as a wet on wet

As good as a sanded primer – no compromise in quality

Strong Application Characteristics

Offers good flow, very smooth film with good sag resistance even on larger areas

Excellent potential for use as a holding primer

Helping to increase throughput of bodyshop depending on process.

Long recoat window

Can be left up to 5 days before needing to sand it for topcoating – thus offering easier planning

Good sealer over sensitive subtrates

Reduces the need for rework and helps to improve workshop efficiency

Good multi substrate capability of rub through areas (maximum 10cm diameter)

Cuts out the need for etch primer – saving time and material usage

Suitable for use directly over most rigid plastics and other plastics in combination with PPG universal plastics primer

Easy application and fine overspray edge reduces time spent denibbing.

Strong Application Characteristics

Offers good flow, very smooth film with good sag resistance even on larger areas

Recoatable with Envirobase HP and Deltron Progress UHS DG

Simple process for the painter.


 Available in G1, G5, G7, DP4000 gives:

  • All the advantages in terms of process efficiency from a wet on wet primer, combined with the quality of finish expected from a sandable primer.
  • Good multi-substrate capability of rub through areas (maximum 10cm diameter).
  • Good capability over OEM sensitive substrates
  • Removes the need to sand the electrocoat
  • Excellent potential for use as a holding primer (This could increase throughput of the bodyshop, depending on the bodyshop process)
  • This launch strongly supports PPG’s commitment to customers and motor manufacturers and truly reflects PPG’s position as a world leader in Automotive Finishes.



D8740 was developed to offer considerable advantages in process time and material usage over current options for painting bumpers.   It is used in combination with the DP4000 2K Primer to ensure good adhesion properties over all common types of substrates used in a Collision repair.

It replaces the thinner in the primer mix. The primer can then be topcoated directly with DELTRON® UHS Progress or ENVIROBASE® High Performance basecoat.

DP4000 2K Primer, part of the PPG ‘compact range’ of products, is already a very popular and user-friendly primer. Following the launch of this new Additive, D8740, this primer can be used directly over bumpers.


With this latest development by PPG, simply replacing the thinner with D8470, means there is no longer any need for a dedicated Plastics Adhesion Promoter such as D820 or D8420 aerosol. Demonstrating that, as well as providing the best possible product in the can, PPG is focused on providing additional bodyshop benefits; Increasing bodyshop efficiency and profitability

Removing a complete step in the process:-

  • Saves materials. No need for any additional Adhesion Promoter layer
  • Saves time.   40% less time is needed to process the plastic by removing the application, flash off and cleaning required for this extra layer


Please find here below the technical data sheets: