Harley-Davidson's 110th anniversary model display (Harley-Davidson Museum)

​PPG is playing a colorful role in Harley-Davidson's 110th anniversary celebration through its part in Harley's "Designing a Celebration" exhibit, which recently debuted at the Milwaukee, Wis., Harley-Davidson Museum.

Harley has been using milestone anniversary celebrations to highlight its heritage since its fifth anniversary in 1912, and has created unique paint schemes and trim features for its coveted, limited-edition bikes every five years since its 85th anniversary in 1988.

In Harley's latest anniversary exhibit, museum guests are treated to a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the design and manufacture of the motorcycle maker's 110th anniversary model - including the story behind the paint selection. PPG supplied the color panels, lab notes and dry pigments for a special section of the exhibit that chronicles the many iterations in a
paint-selection process that began two years prior to the models' introduction.

"PPG and Harley have a very strong collaboration on color, and our relationship continues to grow and evolve," said PPG marketing manager, "We were happy to help with the exhibit because it gave us a great opportunity to show support for one of industrial coatings' best

The "Designing a Celebration" exhibit is composed of a central platform with an integrated glass casework surround. The platform includes an alternating display of Harley's 85th through 110th anniversary models. PPG's materials are displayed in the surround, along with items related to logos and tank badges. 

The display, in the museum's "Design Lab" gallery, is open to the public during normal museum hours through Labor Day. The museum has expressed interest in PPG's further involvement as it updates other sections of the gallery-including the paint story-during 2013.

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