PPG predict the upcoming Refinish colour trends 2017/2018


PPG explore the Refinish colour trends for 2017 - 18

PPG’s annual automotive colour popularity data showed that consumers continued to prefer white and neutral shades for their car finish. In 2016, more than 75% of vehicles built globally were white, black, grey or silver. Within Europe white was still the top choice, accounting for 33% of new cars.

When looking into colour choice by market and vehicle type, it showed a variety of colour selections. Metallic colours were extremely popular with American & European men, while women from these markets preferred pearlescent effects on their cars.


PPG predicts that in 2017 – 18 more blue cars will be driving away from showrooms, as this will become a popular refinish colour.

Jane Harrington, PPG colour styling manager for automotive OEM coatings, commented: “In our 2016 colour popularity data, blue increased by 3% on luxury, midsize and compact cars. Blue is a very versatile colour for the automotive market, because subtle shifts in hue, chroma and flake appearance of a blue coating can do a lot to embrace a vehicles style or distinguish a brand”.

PPG colour experts are excited to see if this colour prediction will be proven correct in the upcoming year.