PPG Colour Code Identification support extended

PPG is at the forefront of colour science and technology development and know that colour accuracy and colour capability are key points to maximise the whole production process for our customers. The ease of retrieving colour and the capability to get the 'right' colour first time is a key step in process efficiency for the Bodyshop.

To support you in quick and easy colour identification the following colour code tools have been added to the Colour Tools section of the website.

PPG OEM Colour Code Locations

We are pleased to make available new OEM locator documents updated to include vehicle identification plates by model for all brands enabling quick and easy identification of the vehicles colour code information.

PPG Car and Motorcycle Colour Directory

Part 1 of the register lists Car colours in alphabetical order by motor manufacturer. For quick reference the colours are divided into two groups; body and accessory colours which are subdivided under bumper, engine bay and wheel colours. Colours are also listed in motor manufacturer code order and colour box references.

Part 2 of the register lists Motorcycle colours in alphabetical order by manufacturer. Under each motorcycle manufacturer the colours are shown in manufacturer code order to again support quick reference.

PPG Ford Colour Codes

This document contains the label types and locations of all the Ford VIN plates for all Ford models manufactured 2001-2011 containing details of Ford code, description, and finish.

PPG CT Colour Directory Envirobase® HP and Deltron® Progress

The Commercial Transport colour register contains thousands of easy to find colour references listed by source and manufacturer. Under each source/manufacturer the colours are listed in code order including all usage types i.e. chassis and bumper colours.

PPG CT Colour Directory Delfleet®

The Delfleet Colour Directory offers references to over 30,000 colours. For clarity the directory has been grouped under different sections by source type. Under each source type, colours are shown alphabetically with OE code, colour description, paint system and variant code. Colour box references are also included as either Delfleet Selector, Fleet Swatch or RAL fan.

You can view the Colour Code Identification Tools here